Glendale Riverwalk Health Impact Assessment

Addressing bicycle and pedestrian access to the upcoming Riverwalk development

Bike to Work Day

Our first public outreach for the HIA was a success! The HIA team was able to participate in Bike to Work Day on June 22nd, setting up a table at the Glendale station in Creekside Park along the Cherry Creek Trail, where we talked to around 60 people. We had a large aerial map of the community for people to draw on and tell us how they bike and walk around Glendale. We got some great information about good and bad intersections and routes that people are using. We also had a short survey that folks filled out, telling us a bit more about their biking and walking habits in Glendale.

A big thank you to the Glendale Whole Foods for allowing us to share a tent with them!


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